LGSA Key Play Points

Maintain high concentration at all times regardless of the score during a game.

Maintain fitness – build strength and endurance.

Show vision and creativity.

Play simple (Play the way you’re facing)

Set realistic expectations for you and your teammates.

Play your best and be positive

Learn to combine with players on the off the ball: wall passes, take overs on the dribble and through overlaps.

Give direction (communicate, man on, turn, I’m open, you have time)


Offensive Focus

Play the way you are facing

Keep it simple

Ask for the ball

Know what you are going to do with the ball before receiving it

Be calm with the ball

Make sure you have a vision of the entire field

Learn to switch the play of attack

Position to support teammates

Learn to create space for yourself while creating options to player on the ball

Learn to shield the ball

Learn to take on players in the offensive third of the field

Dribble with speed

Learn to dribble toward the defender until he leaves his mark and then pass or beat him


Defensive Focus

Always get behind the ball

Be aware at all times

Anticipate what’s going to happen and play smart

Protect your goal side when defending

Make the play easy for your teammate to anticipate the next pass or play

Don’t dive, cut off the passing lane and force the ball in one direction when faced with two on one or buy time until help arrives

Communicate to your teammates who you are marking

Always find a free player and mark-up

Always recover centrally toward the penalty spot

The first line of offense is defense (Is important for everyone to play defense)