“Leo Gibson is a great coach player and human being..... there's nobody I want either of my daughters to be trained by more than him!”

“Hi Leo,

I wanted to thank you for working with Julien one on one.  He really enjoys working with you and with Ronaldo.  Obviously, you guys know soccer.  What differentiates you and Ronaldo from most is your ability to interact with kids in such a positive way.  Both of you are also very good communicators and are particularly good at demonstrating/explaining what and how you want things done. From my observations, I think Julien has developed in both the physical part of his game AND the in technical aspects of futsal. When we started this training with you, I was not sure what to expect.  I thought it would be more of a speed and agility training, with little emphasis placed on skill development.  I am very happy that you spent so much time working with Julien on specific technique related skills.  I have seen him try the different moves in games like the chip to beat a player.  I have seen him use the “hand to hand combat” you taught him when playing defense and when shielding the ball.  I have seen his stamina, speed, and toughness improve.  These things are all from working with you.  If you ever need a testimonial or positive review, don’t hesitate to ask.”

- Luca

“Callen looks forward to another camp with Leo!”


“I can't say enough about Leo and his training. My son and daughter have both been attending Leo's classes since the beginning of training that started at the TAZ, way back when! Both of our kids have learned so much from his sessions and use what they have learned in every game. There are many times that they have been complimented on their technical abilities and we always tell people, "It's because of Leo Gibson and his sessions". We have also done private 1:1 sessions as well. What they have learned from Leo over the years will most definitely stay with them for years to come. Thank you, Leo, you have been a great influence, coach, and friend to both kids and to our family!”

-The Wicks (Fritz, Kristie, Jacob & Josie)


“I have 2 children (boy and girl) that started with LGsoccer in Oct 2016, since there skill level, mental capacity for the game, and physical strength has improved 4 fold. The encouragement and accountability the coaches implement is a perfect balance to get results. I can honestly say that if you want to invest in your child's mental, physical, sportsmanship, and skill for soccer. This is the place to invest it!!”



“My daughter has been training with Leo and his trainers for less than a year and I can already see the improvement in her game. Leo and his trainers truly cares about the athletes and pushes them to do their best.
Thank you!”

- Jennifer


“My son attended both individual and group training sessions at the Leo Gibson Soccer Academy. The physical, mental, and the technical parts of his game have developed significantly as a direct result of this training. Leo’s soccer resume is well known, but what sets his coaching apart from other programs is not only his soccer knowledge (which is outstanding) but it is his ability to interact with kids in such a positive way. He is an excellent communicator and is particularly good at demonstrating and explaining proper technique. He demonstrates these techniques in such a way that it encourages kids to try their new skills in games. Within a few weeks of training with Leo, my son was trying advanced concepts in futsal matches.

On the field, Leo puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort into the training program that he offers. Off the field, he provides a role model for kids to look up too and admire. We are very happy that found the Leo Gibson Soccer Academy!”
- Luca

"My son has been training with Leo for the last 3 to 4 years. At first with group training and then his club team trained with Leo for almost a whole season.
The beginning of this year my son dislocated his shoulder and had surgery to repair his shoulder. He missed the whole Spring season. My son had signed to play soccer with NCAA Div. 2 University and hadn’t played in 5 to 6 months. Leo recommended that my son should do One on One training to get back to where he was and to get him ready to compete at the collegiate level. After 3 months twice a week with Leo. My son is playing the best soccer he has ever played. His technique, skills and physicality are beyond his pre-injury play. It’s the best training my son has received in his 11 years of playing soccer. We have been truly blessed to find such a caring person, trainer, role model, and mentor for my son to work with and to look up to on and off the field. As long as my son continues to play soccer through college he will be training with Leo every off season. I would highly recommend Leo to anyone who is looking to advance their game of soccer!”


“Leo's coaching is particularly effective due to his willingness to combine the benefits of on-the-field technique training with review of game video to help my son understand positioning, etc. Leo took the time to sit down with my son to carefully and patiently review video of my son's games. Leo has a sharp eye for spotting areas that need improvement, and then clearly explaining to my son what he needs to do to improve on such things as off-the-ball work, use of space, positioning and decision-making on the field. The video review and instruction is proving to be just as valuable as the on-the-field sessions with Leo. Leo's instruction is always conveyed in positive, understandable ways, and he is careful not to overwhelm my son with too much information at once. The video review aspect has been worth every dollar and minute invested in the process.”


“Thank you so much for working with Carson this summer. He would love to keep training with you if it works out - and he has the best day yesterday. You are such a blessing to these kids.”
-Nicole Ratzlaff

“We have been going to Leo for 3 years now and my kids love the training and Leo. He has been a role model for my kids and has taught my kids to be better soccer players on and off the field. The skill work is amazing and he works with them on receiving and passing the ball, how to have better touches and shooting the ball. This has made a big difference in my kids and their level of play. Leo is a wonderful, caring man and my kids look forward to seeing him and learning from him every week.”



“My son has been training with Leo for more than four years, and Leo has been an inspiration to my son both on and off the field. Leo teaches the whole package - not just soccer techniques, but also diet, mental preparation, and how to take care of yourself physically (such as stretching and ice baths). Leo is patient when he needs to be, and stern when he needs to be - has a very good feel for how to get the best out of my son, and the communication is always positive, always constructive. He has instilled great discipline in my son. Leo genuinely cares about my son as a person, and it shows in how Leo communicates and how my son responds. Leo has been a huge gift and blessing in my son's life - he has become not only a better soccer player, but a better person all-round because of Leo. I cannot recommend Leo highly enough - one of the best people I've ever met, and with teaching skills and knowledge of the game that is unsurpassed.”